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About Us

Our Aim!

Our aim here at Private Aviation Service is to try and maintain interesting variations of flights in the way many other VA's may not do. We aim to fly long haul as well as medium and short haul. Flying is a skill you can only obtain through practice and time. We will be demanding these skills on a regular basis. "What are they?", you ask? The simple answer is the ability to take off and land from the minimal length runway. This will not always be the case. As at present our Home Base hubs are KPDX - Portland Oregon, TNCM - Princess Juliana Int'l Airport St Martin , WSSS - Changi Singapore and YBCS -  Cairns International Australia. No worries with runway length there! We also maintain a cargo hub in EGSS - London Stansted.

We also using refueling and cargo dropping points. 
This points are:  KBOS Boston Logan, PAFA Fairbanks, OMDB Dubai and RJCC Saporro.



We are trying to accommodate all types of individuals here at Private Aviation Service. As such we are not planning to impose heavy requirements on our pilots. The only major requirement is that you make your first flight within 14 day's and fly at least 10 hours per month. If you haven't flown your first flight within those 14 day's, our system wil change your account on inactive. 
If you haven't flown after 60 days from registration date, your account wil be deleted from our database. 

Flights must be flown with the aircraft in our fleet database available. Flying with other devices will not accept our automatic logsystem.


Which network does Private Aviation Service fly on?

Private Aviation Service is VA partners with IVAO. There may of course also be flown on Vatsim. There you are free to do.


Our Aircraft!

We have a variety of aircraft that you can fly all around the world with. Once you become a member of Private Aviation Service, you will be able to download our paints in the site but this is still under constuction. Once this is available, we update our site. For your freeware aircarft models go to Flightsim.com or avsim.com. Also you can surf to one of the many payware aircraft builder sites. 

The devices you buy are usually advanced models and not so easy to fly as freeware.

The website has all the information you need to plan your flights and land safely. A Pilots Forum is up & running, So register with the Forum straight away! So if you have any problems contact ACEO; his e-mail address is .


Well, on that note:
I wish you the very best from the Staff here @ Private Aviation Service! We hope you enjoy a long & fruitfull service with us.




Marc De Rouck.
Private Aviation Service VA. (BBJ) CEO

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Main Hub Private Aviation Service Ocean Park - Washington USA (KPAS Fictive Airport)
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